There are a vast amount of idle resources in the world

Chainedbox aims to build a sharing economic system of idle resources, and reward users with CBC points

The model and future of CBC points

The first goal of Chainedbox isto establish a global distributed network to provide basic storage services for the future decentralization and become a storage service provider like amazon and Ali cloud.

Chainedbox combines blockchain + sharing economy + distributed storage to achieve commercial goals and objectives.

'Distributed storage technology' is a basic technology to integrate idle resources. 'sharing economy' is a economic model of the distributed network. The 'Blockchain' is the chain that solves the shared proof in the sharing economy.

In the idle resource sharing economic system, users are not only 'resource users'but also 'reward sharer'. CBC points based on blockchain are the 'rewards' given for the resources contributed by users.

CBC overseas expansion programme

In 2018, we will further cooperate with CyberMiles to explore overseas markets and lay the foundation for the globalization of 'distributed network'.

The function of CBC points

CBC points can not only be used to exchange for value-added services based on the 'distributed network ecology', but also enable the owners to share the profits made by the 'distributed network operation' in the future. The distribution of the share profits will be carried out irregularly according to the company's operating conditions, and based on the proportion of CBC points held by users. The distribution model is to be confirmed.

CBC points release

The total number of CBC points will be 1billion. 300 million points will release in the first year, then it halves year by year.
60% of the CBC points will be distributed to contributors.
15% contributed to the founding team and early investors.
(These points will be fixed for 2 years, unlock 25% every six months.)
15% will be used for company operation,
10% will be used for market promotions.

Chainedbox's advantages

The difficulty of utilizing decentralized resources lies in the need of a set of distributed technology for effective management. Chainedbox has been working on the distributed storage technology for 2 years,
and has already commercialized the technology.
We provided users with an efficient and reliable network service by utilizing idle storage and bandwidth resources.

We have a mature distributed technology, hardware facilities and supporting software.


Whitepaper V1.1

Consultant team

  • Liang Luconsultant for blockchain

    Liang Lu graduated from the department of physics at China University of Science and Technology and received his PhD in particle physics from Southern Methodist University in 2005.
    He was involved in the theory and experimental study of the Higgs Particle when he was working at CERN. Dr.
    Lu was the co-founder and CTO of Light in the Box, a listed company on the NYSE.
    He was also the first general manager of Alibaba's taobao mobile platform and the general manager of HUASHU TAOBAO.
    In 2014, Dr. Lu founded 5miles and received more than $30 million in investment from a number of well- known venture capital firms. 5miles is currently one the top five mobile e-commerce platforms in the United States currently.
    He began to focus on blockchain technology in 2013 and set up the international blockchain development lab - 5xlab, which then developed the CyberMiles intelligent contract platform.

  • Jian Luconsultant for distributed technology

    Jian Lu,Linkedln president of China。
    He has served as CEO of HJ CCTalk,CTO of 360 Film, general manager 360 ULive platform, Vice President of Shengda Group, President of Shengda multimedia innovation institute, and CTO of Ku6 network- a subsidiary company of Shengda's.
    Mr. Lu also holds a bachelor's degree in engineering from Zhejiang University and a doctorate in engineering from Dartmouth College.
    In 1996, he joined Apple in the United States, where he also represented Apple in the development of international standards such as MPEG-4.
    In 2006, Jian Lu left Apple to start Vobile as CTO of the company.
    Vobile mainly develops video fingerprint and video content recognition technology, which is used by all Hollywood movie and TV producers in the US and CCTV in China to track pirated content.